A rostering and scheduling system thats not just intuitive but has built in mechanism to help you easily select employees available and suitable for the location based on skill and certification.

Customer View

Customer View

Your customers can have to the minute screen and paper reports on all the events recorded within the system. This is achieved by not only mobile apps and mobile devices but also using dedicated IoT devices that track employee movements and activity

Control Room

Employee Vacation Dashboard

Each employee has their own vacation profile and management screen to view clock in/out sick and leave days balances and records

Some Features that Make us Unique

Tell us your requirements. We would be more than happy to help

Expert Technicians

Our responsiveness to our customers needs.

Professional Service

We hear you, take your requirements and if it is a feature that enriches our system; we make it for you for free.

Great Support

24/7 Support via email or phone.

Technical Skills

The latest cutting edge technology. Mobile, IoT and Web

We built this with professionals

This system was built in collaboration with companies and experts in the field.

Tried, tested and mature

Our system has been in use for almost a decade now and gone through many upgrades and enhancements.